• Xanax Addiction

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    Xanax Information is easy to obtain since the drug is readily available. Xanax is manufactured by Pharmacia/UpJohn and is also distributed under the generic name of Alprazolam. Xanax contains alprazolam which is a triazolo analog of the 1.4 benzodiazepine class of central nervous system active compounds.

    Xanax is made from a crystalline powder, which is soluble in methanol or ethanol but which has no appreciable solubility in water. The Xanax powder is compressed into tablet form. Xanax comes in four strengths: 0.25-mg, 0.5-mg, 1.0-mg, and 2.0-mg imprinted with gg249 see details on health-guidances.com. The most popular are the 1-mg lavender-colored tablets referred to as “footballs” or “blues” which sell for around $2 and the 2-mg white rectangular-shaped pills (nicknamed “bars,” “coffins” or “french fries”) which go for $5 to $10 per pill.

    The tranquilizer, Xanax, which was introduced in 1973 can become psychologically and physically addictive if taken in high doses for longer than eight weeks.

    Xanax Addiction

    Xanax addiction is a growing phenomenon that has been escalating for years. Xanax is one of the most commonly misused prescription drug on the market today. It is readily available due to abuse, and a common practice to prescribe this pharmaceutical freely .

    Xanax is a sedative similar to Valium. It is used to treat anxiety, panic attacks, and sleep disorders. It has grown to be one of the top selling drugs in the United States. Around 30 million prescriptions for the drug, Xanax, are written each year. This amount of prescriptions has created over an $60 million dollar Xanax industry.

    Since Xanax is so readily available, some dependant people simply get a prescription that lasts a year. Xanax taken for short periods of time does calm the nerves, most often prescribed as an anti anxiety, The long term use creates a dependency on the drug.

  • Good Eat Guide to Wild Weeds Plants and Herbs

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    Even though when you were growing up, your parents probably told you “not to put that in your mouth” when you picked the weeds from the garden, they weren’t entirely correct. Despite popular belief, there are countless edible weeds, wild plants and wild herbs out there that you probably pass on a daily basis. Some of these can prove to be a viable addition and a perfect complement to a flawless dish whereas others can even be eaten standalone without cooking which is a masterful survival technique if you suddenly find yourself lost in the woods. Here is a brief guide to wild herbs, wild plants and weeds that are good to eat.

    Dandelions and Burdock

    No, not the popular soda or alcoholic twist: dandelion plants and burdock plants are both great to eat. Who would have associated these common weeds with food? Both dandelion and burdock are best eaten when boiled so as to avoid the bitterness usually associated with the more mature plants, but both dandelion and burdock of any age is edible. Dandelion is easily recognisable for its thick stalk and yellow flower head and it is a prominent sight in most gardens. Burdock is recognisable for its purple, thistle-like plant head.  The broth that is left over can also be a great addition to salads. Perhaps you should think twice about what you do with the dandelion and burdock weeds in your garden next time round.

    Asparagus and clover

    Asparagus is a widely farmed wild plant that is found as a food product in most grocery stores. While not the most popular salad addition of all, asparagus is edible and it can be found growing in many places in the world. Wild asparagus contains many vitamins and can be a great wild herb to look out for when you find yourself lost.  The same can be said for clover. Even clover that you find in your lawn is edible, but eating directly from your lawn can be dangerous because of pests, pesticides and such. However, if you find yourself in the wild and you find yourself a patch of clover on a grassy knoll, dig in and enjoy because this little herb can be a life saver.

    Green seaweed

    Often sold as a delicacy, starter or snack in most takeaways these days, green seaweed is one of the most globally available edible plants in the world. Green seaweed can be easily foraged from the ocean each and every day. For the best results, wash the seaweed in fresh water rather than salt water. It can be enjoyed raw or boiled as a main meal or as an accompaniment to other food that you may find such as fruit or fish. You can even make seaweed soup for a delicious and satisfying meal with leftover broth for additional meals too. Who would have thought that one of the ocean’s most common weeds could save your life?

    The world is just one big buffet waiting to be feasted upon. So many naturally growing plants, weeds and herbs are actually edible. Do not turn up your nose to a free meal, especially when you are out in the wild and simply longing to survive. There is food out there if you are willing to research and identify it, and much if it is available to you each and every day without you even realizing. Hopefully, the aforementioned guide will make you think twice about putting harmful and dangerous pesticides on your lawn from now on, especially if your own garden is a cheeky treasure trove for good grub.

  • Blue Waffle Disease Pictures of Evident Signs

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    Blue waffle disease is among the growing family of sexually transmitted disease. This is actually caused by unhealthy and unprotected sexual practices. Though it may come to start affecting people, there is never really a definite cause for its existence. There have been contributors but never the actual causative agent that is yet to be discovered. What does this condition really resemble? There is no better way to have it explained than having to see the pics as below to understand.

    pics of disease

    Blue waffle pictures have come to show how this disease actually looks like. The internet is pooled with all of these pictures that will let you see what it actually looks like to let you know when it is already in your body or not.

    Blue waffles disease pictures often give the public the real score of the disease. These pictures are good representations of the signs to look for too. Obviously, you can easily spot the bluish discoloration of the area of the labia or the flaps that cover the female genitalia. This is where its name is actually derived.

    If you come closer to pictures, you will see circular patches of different sizes also covering the area. Some even have crusts that contribute to the itchy feeling that the one having this disease experiences.

    In some instances, you may even see the yellowish fluids that come to be coming from these patches and the vagina. These fluids may look gross in images and actually is in real life as it has strong odor. These fluids come as a result of bacterial invasion.

    Pictures may come disturbing though because it really tells a story of the real score of the disease. However, these pictures may even tell you how extensive this disease will become if it comes to be affecting the genitals. These pictures are even used by medical specialists to see what blue waffle really is and to dig deeper on its mechanisms.

    Truly, picture speaks a thousand words. This may just look as a simple thing that will let you see the visible signs of the disease but this actually stands as a reminder too. In the world today where sexual practices may seem to be common for some, there is a great deal over having yourself facing these illustrations to open up your mind on the dangers of unhealthy sexual practices.

    Blue waffles pictures may move you in a lot of ways. It can be something that will warn you of an impending occurrence of a disease on your own or this may move you to practice healthy living at hand. There is nothing as rewarding as healthy living as this will lead you to safe living too. Count in extension of your life. So the next time you will come across pictures, take a moment to see it closely because it will surely help you have the knowledge on the growing threat of sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Treatment For Tonsil Stones

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    There are a number of choices for an effective treatment for tonsil stones. But before I discuss the various treatments that are available, I should say a little bit more about this condition. Tonsil stones range in size from very small to the size of a pea and when they are small you may not know that they are there. It is thought that these stones are linked to bad breath. They seem to be composed of sulfur compounds that cause bad breath.

    If you experience any of the following symptoms then you may have tonsil stones: throat closing, throat tightening, metallic taste in mouth, coughing fits, choking and feeling like there is something stuck on your tonsils or the back of your throat. These stones do not tend to afflict children and are more commonly found in adults. It’s possible to have your stones diagnosed by using an X-ray or CT scan.

    A tonsil stone treatment that some folks use to eliminate them is squeezing them or scratching their tonsils with their fingers. They are trying to unclog them from their spots but this can actually be very dangerous. This is also very unhygienic and can cause your tonsil to bleed and be very sore. Also any dirt on your hands could be transferred to your throat creating very unhygienic conditions. If you use your hands to remove your kidney stones then please wash them thoroughly and even wear gloves if possible. If you do want to squeeze away your stones then utilize a moist cotton bud instead of your fingers.

    A toothbrush can also be used to dislodge the stones though numerous people can’t remove stones themselves due to the gag reflex. It’s possible to overcome the gag reflex by numbing the throat with Chloraseptic or by flexing your throat muscles, raising the tongue and then forcing yourself to swallow. Usually you will create enough pressure to eliminate your tonsil stones.

    Pulsating irrigation can also be utilized as a treatment option. A low pressure setting is recommended. When using irrigation warm salt water is the best. You can empty a nasal spray bottle and fill it with warm salt water. Medicine droppers can be used to suck out the stones.

    For severe cases of this condition you can have surgery. Most surgeries will use an oral curette as this instrument scoops out the tonsil stones. The curette is a long thin metal stick that has a loop at the end used for digging them out. Or your physician can vaporize them using a laser. The most dramatic surgery involves removing your tonsils. This treatment should be considered a last resort.

    It should be noted that just because you have now removed your stones does not mean you have treated them. You need to treat the cause of them otherwise they will keep reappearing. Tonsil stones tend to be associated with oral hygiene and switching to a good oral hygiene program can stop them from reappearing.

    Good oral hygiene is important because they are linked to bad breath. If you find that you are still getting tonsil stones while practicing good oral hygiene, then you should speak with your medical doctor and dentist about the proper treatment for your situation.

    Tonsil stones removal: Healthguidesdaily.com

  • Eye Stye Treatment Methodologies

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    Most of the eye stye treatment methodologies depend on the severity of the eye stye that is affecting the eyelids. Before you take a look at the different methods on how to get rid of eye stye, you need to have an idea about the definition of an eye stye. Simply put, an eye stye is an infection of the eye that affects the sebaceous glands lying at the base of the eyelids. The development of an eye stye can be internal or external, and they usually present themselves as small, red bumps on the base of the eyelid. While most cases of stye in eye do not require any specific treatment, eye stye treatment becomes necessary when these red bumps do not vanish on their own.

    Stye in Eye Treatment

    Usually, eye stye treatment is not required and most eye stye cases are resolved in 7 to 10 days after the onset of the eye infection. However, if they do not get healed on their own, it is essential that you take a look at some eye stye treatment methods that would give you relief from this condition. Here, we would first discuss the eye stye remedies that can be pursued at home. The most common eye stye remedy that can be pursued at home is warm compresses. Performing warm compresses and supporting them with cleansing the affected eyelid would ensure that the eye stye starts getting resolved in 48 hours. You can boil 1 cup of coriander seeds with warm water to make a concoction that can be used for washing the eyes. This would bring relief from the associated pain and would help in eye stye treatment. If, however, there is no relief even after using these methods, it is essential that you look for medical methods for eye stye treatment.

    Treating it Medically

    There are several methods available for treating a stye medically. The doctors usually aim to resolve the symptoms through these methods, and proceed to remove the eye stye through incision and drainage. Antibiotics might be required in cases where there is no relief from the development of sty in eye. If all these methods fail, the last resort is surgical intervention. Surgical eye stye treatment methods are generally employed when all other methods of resolving the eye stye fail.

  • Dr Eric Berg Offer Certifications

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    Though there are several health practitioners in the health industry, Dr Eric Berg is known as one of the most reputed ones. Dr Berg has been actively involved in various activities which range from training, teaching and certifying health practitioners. Eric Berg handles different health fields some of which include the following.


    Physical trainers and therapists.



    Massage and physical therapists.



    Dr Berg is also known for having certifications in alterative healthcare and in this regard, he is known to offer a variety of Dr Eric Berg services which include the following Dr Berg practices.

    Weigh loss: Dr Berg is known to offer Dr Eric Berg weight loss programs that are tailored to meet the patient’s needs in terms of diet and exercises. Eric Berg provides concrete practices that aid in fat burning and hormonal influence.

    Neuropath: Dr Eric Berg focuses on this technique to ease stress, tension and pain by simulating various body joints.

    Natural consulting: Dr Eric Berg is known to offer health recommendations that go a long way to improve the general health of patients.

    Others areas that Dr Berg engages in include dynamic joint recovery and acupressure stress elimination. Thanks to all the Dr Berg practices, he is able to training. Since Eric Berg is a professional certifying others he has attained a variety of certifications as well as licensure for practice and these include the following.

    Virginia Board -Dr Berg has a certification for practicing Chiropractic. 1851 is the certification number for Dr Berg.

    Chiropractic California Board: In this instance, Dr Berg got certification in January of 1990 and the number is 20123.

    Chiropractic Louisiana Board: Dr Eric Berg got his certification in 1990 January and the number is 875.

    Eric Berg also has certification in the field of Microscopy.

    In the field of Chiropractic X-Ray, Eric Berg also boasts of having the necessary certification.

    Dr Berg is also reputed for having passed the tests I. II, III from the national Chiropractic examinations and the number for his certification is 39761.

    Apart from his certifications Dr Berg also has a strong educational background and when all these factors are combined together, he comes out as one of the most reputed practitioners in his field. For instance, he has undertook a 2 year undergraduate pre-med course and the Wisconsin Parkside university and he has also trained at the Army reserves as an X-ray tech. Eric Berg Chiropractor and Dr Eric Berg weight loss are among the factors that make him an outstanding figure. In order to understand more about Eric Berg, you can consider getting Dr Eric Berg info. This will give you an insight into who Eric Berg is and the Dr Eric Berg ratings will give you an insight into his practice. Additionally, you can also look into Dr Eric Berg reports to see some of the works he has carried out as well as read Dr Eric Berg reviews to get a clear cut outline of his certifications.

  • About the Double Chin Study

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    Currently, the only procedure for excess fat under the chin is surgical liposuction that we usually called it losing double chin. Now there is a research study for reducing excess fat under the chin. The study is evaluating the safety and effectiveness of an investigational, injectable medication, sodium deoxycholate ATX-101 to reduce the excess fat on the face.

    Deoxycholate is a naturally occurring bile acid that solubilises dietary fat in humans and other animals, thereby aiding in its digestion. The clinical research study will include approximately 350 men and women between the ages of 18 and 65 who have excess fat under their chins.

    Study volunteers must meet the following criteria:

    Be age 18-65
    Have excess fat under their chin
    Have a stable body weight for at least 6 months

    Other criteria must also be met to participate.

    Participation in the study will last up to 32 weeks. During this time, participants visit the study site 11 times and will receive either placebo or investigational study medication. Placebos are an inactive substance that look like the investigational study medication and are used to make sure effects observed during a clinical research study are actually caused by the investigational study medication. There is a one in three chance of receiving the placebo.

    Study participants will receive study related exams, lab tests and investigational study medication at no charge.

    The following study sites are currently participating in this research study:
    Wimpole Aesthetics Centre
    48 Wimpole Street
    W1G 8SF

    Tel: 020 7224 2247

    Email: carol@wimpoleaesthetics.co.uk

    Medizen Clinic
    Suite A, 1st Floor
    Astor House
    282 Lichfield Road Mere Green
    Sutton Coldfield
    West Midlands
    B74 2UG

    Tel: 0121 308 4373

    Email: medizentrials@gmail.com

    The Laser and Light Cosmetic Medical Clinic
    1 Church Gate Mews
    LE11 1TZ

    Tel: 01509 266882

    Email: info@thelaserandlightclinic.co.uk

    Cellite Clinic
    52 Charles Street
    CF10 2GF

    Tel: 02920 644644

    Email: manager@cellite.co.uk

    Additional study site locations will be available in the coming weeks. Please revisit health site to get the most up-to-date information on the sites that are currently participating in the Double Chin Research study.

  • How to Make Herbal Toners & Astringents for your Skin

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    How to Make Herbal Toners & Astringents

    Learn how to make fresh toners and astringents with complete instructions from Snowdrift Farm

    Herbal toners and astringents are easy and fun to make. A few simple ingredients are all you need — you can find many on your refrigerator shelves or cupboard.

    Herbal Astringent

    Here’s a recipe for an herbal astringent you can make for yourself. It’s really nothing more than an herbal tea in a witch hazel base. Apply it
    after your shave, too!


    • 8 oz. distilled water
    • 16 oz. witch hazel distillate
    Warm these liquids (do not boil) and add these herbs: 1 tablespoon of each of the following:
    • Nettle Chamomile Elderberries Marsh Mallow
    • Calendula flowers

    1 teaspoon each of the following:

    • Coltsfoot Comfrey leaves Fennel Eucalyptus leaves peppermint leaves
    • Lavender buds

    Make a tea of these ingredients in the distillate.
    Allow to set for 2-3 hours, strain thoroughly, then add the peels of 2 fresh lemons. Allow these to steep for 2-3 hours and remove. Add 1 teaspoon of freeze dried aloe powder and 1 tablespoon of glycerin (optional). Mix thoroughly and pour into sterile bottle. This formula does not contain a preservative. You can add .5% (about 1/4 teaspoon) potassium sorbate to the distillate. Otherwise, keep refrigerated and toss the unused portion after 3 days

    Fresh Fruit Toner Got apple juice? Then you have the beginnings of a lovely fruit toner! Both apple and grape juice contain malic acid. which is good for all skin types.


    4 oz. apple juice or white grape juice

    1 teaspoon dendritic salt

    2 teaspoons local honey

    1 ounce formulator’s alcohol


    Mix all ingredients in a sterile bottle. Shake to combine. Apply to face and neck with a cotton ball or pad.

    This formula is self-preserved with alcohol. Keeps for about 2-3 months.

    Mint Cleansera wonderful skin stimulant!
    2 tspns fractionated coconut oil
    1 tspn mint infusion
    1/4 tspn apple cider vinegar
    Mix the oil with the mint infusion and vinegar. Shake.
    Leaves skin soft and refreshed. Great during hot, humid weather.
    Lemon Balm Infusion This mild infusion is good for oily skin. Rinse skin 3x daily.

    Fennel Cleansing Lotion Good for all skin types.

    1 tspn fennel infusion (1 c. boiling water to 1 tbspn crushed fennel seed)
    1 tspn honey
    2 tbspns buttermilk

    Mix together and smooth lotion over skin to cleanse.
    Rub gently. Wipe off with cotton ball soaked in fennel
    infusion only (no honey/buttermilk). Pat dry.






    Aloe & Vinegar TonerThe aloe in this formula soothes the skin, while the vinegar and alcohol help to tone.


    8 oz. witch hazel distillate

    4 oz. apple cider vinegar

    1 ounce formulator’s alcohol

    1/2 teaspoon freeze dried aloe vera


    Combine all ingredients in a sterile bottle and cap. Shake vigorously. Apply to skin once daily.

    This formula is self-preserved with alcohol and vinegar. Keeps for about 2-3 months.

  • How to Make Pizza Dough

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    Whose mouth doesn’t water when the tantalizing aroma of rich, italian pizza sauce, crispy, golden dough and melting cheese wafts from the oven door permeating the air? Whether it’s the ready made store bought dough rounds, or you make your own, just about everyone loves pizza. It only makes sense in these dire economic times, that learning to make pizza dough at home is going to cut grocery costs considerably. Even if your work schedule prevents the time needed for you to spend fifteen minutes preparing your own pizza dough, why not try making a few on your days off, then freezing for future use?

    Creating your own pizza dough is much easier than it looks. The recipe below is one of the easiest and is guaranteed to satisfy your pizza cravings.


    1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil for coating pan and dough.

    3 cups white sifted flour

    1 packet rapid rise yeast

    3/4 cup warm water

    1 tsp honey

    1 tsp sea salt


    One jar of pizza sauce

    1 minced clove of garlic

    1/2 cup fresh sliced mushrooms

    1 sliced green bell pepper

    1/4 cup pamesan cheese

    1 and 1/2 cups shredded mozarella cheese

    Mix the flour, yeast and salt in a large bowl. Add the warm water and honey. Mix well with a large wooden spoon. Place dough ontoa floured board and knead lightly. Pour olive oil into a clean bowl. Coat a pizza pan, stone or baking pan with some of the olive oil,then place the dough into the bowl with the remaining olive oil and turn to coat. Cover with a damp towel and let rise for fifteenminutes. Punch down the dough and pat into the prepared pan. Preheat oven to 425 F.Place toppings in order of appearanceand bake for 15-20 minutes or until crust is golden on bottom and cheese is bubbly.If you would like your crust to be more cheesy, sprinkle some shredded cheese around the outer rim of your pizza dough when it is on the pan, then seal the dough over with your fingers before baking. Makes one large pizza.

    You’ll need a topping or more to complete your pizza.There so many toppings to choose from such as meats, cheeses, raw vegetables or all three. Given a chance, one can create to their heart’s desire.

    Examples for toppings are:

    shredded colby, cheddar, or monterey jack cheeses

    chopped artichokes

    chopped spinach

    pineapple rings with chopped ham

    ground cooked beef

    italian sausage

    chicken breast strips

    And the list goes on as far as your imagination takes you. No matter which toppings you choose, not only is it less expensive to make a great pizza at home, it’s also better tasting and healthier for you. Now that you know how easy making your own pizza can be, you’ll be surprising family and friends regularly with all your new creations.

  • Easy Pizza Dough

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    Pizza. The most popular food for most teenagers, not to mention many adults. But who can afford it? Let’s face it, pizza is expensive. To feed a group of eight, even with coupons, you can easily spend fifty dollars. And that’s without the drinks and any side dishes.

    Cut out the expense and still have a delicious, healthy meal that you know will be just the way you like it. All you have to do is, make it yourself. Hold on, I know what you are thinking. Isn’t that just as expensive? And complicated? And the mess!

    But wait. It really isn’t that bad. I used to think that making pizza was more of a hassle than it was worth, until I tried this recipe. It was, from all people, from my mother-in-law. This makes home-made pizza as simple as it can be and much less expensive than the popular take-out. This recipe will make one 12″ 14″ pizza. I usually use a 10″ x 14″ cookie sheet. If you like a thicker crust use a smaller pan.

    Pizza Dough (one pizza)

    1 cup warm water.
    1 tbsp or 1 packet yeast.
    1 pinch sugar.
    2 cups flour.

    In a large bowl put water. (The water has to be WARM. If it is too hot, it will kill the yeast. Too cold and the yeast will not activate.)
    Stir in yeast, and add sugar. Wait for a few minutes and you will see a little foam start to form on the surface of the water.
    Add flour and stir until there is no moisture.
    Knead on a floured board 20 times. (At times I don’t remove it from the bowl, I just fold the dough over onto itself (kneading) adding small amounts of flour to keep the dough from being too sticky).
    Place in a greased bowl and let rise until size is doubled. (About one hour) I just use vegetable oil to coat the sides of the bowl so that the dough doesn’t stick as it rises.

    While the dough is rising, cook any toppings (see list below) that need cooking, and preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

    Once the dough has risen, take it out of the bowl, place it on the pan (or cookie sheet) and press it into shape. Try to avoid stretching as it will tear holes in the dough. Once the dough is spread in the pan, you are ready for toppings. I use pizza sauce if it is available, if not, I use spaghetti sauce (usually mushroom). Then I place any toppings I am in the mood for, and bake at 375 degrees for fifteen minutes or until the edges are browned.

    Popular toppings are:

    Italian sausage,
    green pepper,
    Canadian bacon (ham), and

    My family usually makes enough dough for half a pizza each and everyone puts on the toppings of their choice. This way everyone gets ‘their’ pizza. Great for game nights, and very popular with the kids’ friends. We have never had a complaint about the pizza and this is a guaranteed hit.