• Eat your Greens and Stay Healthy – No

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    Although Popeye had some really huge muscles, greens were not the source. I think he may have been sneaking some of Wimpy’s hamburgers in from time to time. Greens may not give you massive muscles, but they do have some key components that we really don’t want to live without.

    Greens do have essential nutrients for contributing to our overall good health. Greens are chocked full of vitamin A, K, and C. They are also good sources of magnesium, potassium, beta carotene, omega 3 fatty acids, and calcium. http://www.natural-health-girl.com/eating-greens.html All of the nutritional qualities found in greens are paramount in keeping a healthy immune system which fights off various illnesses and diseases.

    Greens contain detoxifying enzymes that cleanse the blood of toxins which latch on to cell membranes, and also eradicates molecules that contain fat contributing to high cholesterol. When you eat greens you actually signal your body to make these detoxifying agents which also reduce the amount of free radicals floating around inside you. Free radicals are major contributors to various types of cancer. http://www.peertrainer.com/DFcaloriecounterB.aspx?id=2666

    Usually when we think of beta carotene we think orange, but greens are actually loaded with beta carotene and vitamin A. These two power house nutrients are fundamental for good vision. They also contain a substance called lutein which has been proven to reduce the risks of cataracts by 50%. Those who eat more greens are less likely to form cataracts later in life.

    As we get older our memory tends to suffer and our ability to learn new skills weakens. We do see some people who seem to still be sharp as a tack in their eighties. Diet does seem to have a direct impact on our mental age. Greens also help keep our mental cognition functioning as we age.

    Research says that eating just 3 servings of greens a week can possibly slow mental aging by 40%. Our mental age can actually be up to five years younger then our chronological age To help keep your mind alert and active add some greens each week.

    Greens are very low in calories which mean you can have them daily in a number of tasty concoctions. Greens are great in salads, as a side dish, or a few leafs on a turkey sandwich. There are many unique tasty ways to incorporate greens into our diets and reap the health benefits they provide.

    You may not increase your biceps, but you can surely increase your mental alertness, reduce your risk of certain cancers, keep your eyes healthy, and boost your overall immune system. Keep strong to the finish, eat your spinach!