• Eye Stye Treatment Methodologies

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    Most of the eye stye treatment methodologies depend on the severity of the eye stye that is affecting the eyelids. Before you take a look at the different methods on how to get rid of eye stye, you need to have an idea about the definition of an eye stye. Simply put, an eye stye is an infection of the eye that affects the sebaceous glands lying at the base of the eyelids. The development of an eye stye can be internal or external, and they usually present themselves as small, red bumps on the base of the eyelid. While most cases of stye in eye do not require any specific treatment, eye stye treatment becomes necessary when these red bumps do not vanish on their own.

    Stye in Eye Treatment

    Usually, eye stye treatment is not required and most eye stye cases are resolved in 7 to 10 days after the onset of the eye infection. However, if they do not get healed on their own, it is essential that you take a look at some eye stye treatment methods that would give you relief from this condition. Here, we would first discuss the eye stye remedies that can be pursued at home. The most common eye stye remedy that can be pursued at home is warm compresses. Performing warm compresses and supporting them with cleansing the affected eyelid would ensure that the eye stye starts getting resolved in 48 hours. You can boil 1 cup of coriander seeds with warm water to make a concoction that can be used for washing the eyes. This would bring relief from the associated pain and would help in eye stye treatment. If, however, there is no relief even after using these methods, it is essential that you look for medical methods for eye stye treatment.

    Treating it Medically

    There are several methods available for treating a stye medically. The doctors usually aim to resolve the symptoms through these methods, and proceed to remove the eye stye through incision and drainage. Antibiotics might be required in cases where there is no relief from the development of sty in eye. If all these methods fail, the last resort is surgical intervention. Surgical eye stye treatment methods are generally employed when all other methods of resolving the eye stye fail.