Home Remedies For Anal Skin Tags

Anal skin tags are small pieces of skin that hang from or near the anal opening. They are either flesh-colored or brown. They are soft and their surfaces are smooth. They are either round or oval. Anal skin tags usually start due to an anorectal injury, trauma or inflammatory lesion. That is the area around the rim of the anus takes damage of some sort.

Anal skin tags can be caused by a few different problems. These are mostly related to going to the bathroom and the cleanliness of the anal area thereafter. There are other causes of anal skin tags that are unrelated to this, some of the causes of anal skin tags are constipation, childbirth, rectal surgery etc.

Anal skin tags can be a very painful condition. It is an injury in the skin surrounding the anus, which is usually associated with constipationImage result for tag skin and other bowel disorders, and is most commonly found among adults. The condition gets worse if infected. Any stretching of this area can result in worsening of the condition and can cause severe discomfort. It is very easy to treat and prevent anal skin tags by regulating your diet intake. There are some home remedies will help you to achieve your purpose easily.

Hot And Cold Fomentations

Hot and cold fomentations are beneficial in treating anal skin tags effectively. Take a piece of clean, soft cloth and soak it in hot water. Wring and apply on the affected area for a few minutes. Repeat it three times and then follow with the same application once with cold water. You should follow three hot fomentations with one cold fomentation.

Olive Oil

Olive oil into the rectum is an effective home remedy to treat skin tags on anus. You need to use around 50 ml of olive oil at a time. Repeat it daily, as it will help to soften the hard stools. This prevents further aggravation of the injury and helps heal the skin tags quickly.

Petroleum Jelly

Anal skin tags are very painful, and hard stools worsen the condition, causing even more pain. This may even result in bleeding. Therefore, using lubrication when you are going to toilet helps to prevent any such injury. Apply some petroleum jelly into your rectum every time you are going to pass stools.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is very soothing and possesses anti-inflammatory properties, which are very beneficial in treating anal skin tags at home. You can directly apply some aloe vera gel or ointment on the affected area three to four times a day. This will help heal the pain and infection.

Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat germ oil helps in quick healing of the anal skin tags and is a very effective home remedy for this treatment. Just apply a little wheat germ oil all over the affected area and leave it on for half an hour. Wipe dry with a soft and wet tissue after this duration. This application should be done at least twice a day.

Fasting On Fruits

Drinking fruit juices will be very beneficial for in treating anal skin tags at home. It will help to keep the bowel movement smooth. Drink a glass of fruit juice every two hours. Also eat plenty of fresh fruits, such as apple, pineapple, grapes, papayas, mangoes, and oranges. This will put fewer burdens on your digestive system and prevent constipation.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Drink plenty of water will make the stools softer and aid in digestion. This will prevent constipation, which will be beneficial in the treatment of anal skin tags. Water also helps to remove harmful toxins in your body and clears out the infection effectively.

These home remedies have astringent properties that can get rid of the skin tags even from the anal region and promote skin health. For that, drink lots of water everyday, eat lots of raw vegetables, fruits, and green leafy vegetables. Avoid fried, junk, oily, and spicy food as they cause constipation. Include high fiber products like apple, pears, beetroot, and papaya in your diet.

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