• How to Make Healthy Pizza Dough

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    The origin of pizza dates back to early history. Virgil who died in the first century B.C. wrote down a pizza recipe but it is unclear when or where pizza first originated. The common belief is that pizza came from Italy but China has also claimed responsibility The pizza most popular in America has its roots in Italy. If you are watching your weight pizza is normally considered off limits but it doesn’t have to be. Pizza can be healthy with fresh veggies and tomato sauce or can be decadent with chocolate and cherries. For those who can not have yeast products pizza does not have to off limits either with the yeast free recipe. To make the pizza recipe healthier I use whole wheat flour and honey instead of the more common all purpose white flour and sugar. To reduce the calorie count on a pizza use fat free cheese, reduce the amount of cheese or even skip it all together. No matter what type of pizza you are creating it all starts with the crust.

    Whole wheat pizza crust

    1 Tb honey

    1 1/4 cps warm water

    3 1/4 cps whole wheat flour

    1 tsp salt

    1/4 cps olive oil

    Dissolve honey and yeast in warm water. In another bowl combine 3 cps flour and salt. When yeast starts to foam (approx. 5 minutes) pour oil and yeast mixture into flour. Knead mix until smooth and the dough is elastic. Shape into ball and place in an oiled bowl. Turn once. Allow to stand until dough has doubled in size. Punch down and separate into two balls. Let rise on floured surface for 1/2 hour. Roll or stretch into round shape.Place on oiled pizza pan leaving a slight ridge on outside edge. This will prevent the sauce from spilling over. Add your sauce and other goodies and bake at 475 degrees for about 20 minutes or until crust is a golden brown.

    No yeast pizza dough

    1 cup whole wheat flour

    1/3 cp milk

    2 tbs olive oil

    1 tsp baking powder

    1/2 tsp salt

    Combine all ingredients. Knead and roll into a ball. Let stand 15 minutes. Roll or shape. Add sauce and toppings. Bake on an oiled pan at 425 degrees for about 20 minutes or until golden brown.

    Toppings can be as varied as cooked chicken and sun dried tomatoes, spinach and feta cheese but some of my favorites are the dessert pizzas. Melted chocolate and pitted cherries or walnuts with cinnamon and honey drizzled over it or apples and honey baked on the pizza can provide an unusual dessert. Be creative with toppings. Black beans, corn and taco seasoning mixed together and baked on the pizza top with a salsa before serving makes a great meal. Just remember that you will want to keep the toppings on the dry side so that the dough bakes evenly and doesn’t get soggy.