• How to Make Sauerkraut

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    There are several steps that are involved in making homemade sauerkraut. The first step is to gather up the ingredients that you are going to need for this recipe. These two ingredients include 3 tablespoons of salt and cabbage. You will need salt for this recipe because the salt is going to free the cell water from the cabbage leaves when they are shredded. This cell water and the salt is going to form a brine that will help in the fermentation and preservation of the cabbage.  

    The second step is to make sure that your harvest the cabbage that is mature right after the first frost. This is because the frost is going to increase the amount of sugar that is in the cabbage. The more sugar that the cabbage has, then the more flavor the cabbage is going to have. Plus it is going to be a lot easier to ferment the cabbage. The third step is to remove the outer leaves from the cabbage. Then you are going to want to clean the head of the cabbage and quarter the cabbage. Make sure that you cut out the core of the cabbage.

    The fourth step is to shred up the cabbage. You will need a very sharp knife in order to do this. But if you have a large amount of cabbage, then you can use a kraut cutter to make this job go a little bit quicker. You will need a large bowl to put the shredded cabbage into. The fifth step is put the cabbage on a scale to see how much it weighs. Make sure that you deduct the weight of the bowl. You will need to know how much the cabbage weighs so that you will know how much pickling salt you need to add to the cabbage. For every five pounds of cabbage, you will need to add three tablespoons of the salt to it. You should make sure that this is mixed very well.

    The sixth step is to put the salted cabbage into a crockpot. You will need to pound down the cabbage very thoroughly with your fist or a potato masher, just as long as it is clean. You should start to see the brine as soon as you start to pound on the shredded cabbage. The seventh step is to keep repeating this process until the cabbage is completely submerged. You are going to need to have about 3 inches of brine on top of your shredded cabbage.

    The eighth step is to put a large plate that is clean on the top of the cabbage. The plate should be a little bit smaller than the crockpot. This is so that you can force the cabbage down below the surface of the brine. The brine is going to help to make sure that the smell of the cabbage fermentation does not enter into the air of your home. The ninth step is to weigh down the top of the plate with something very heavy. This is the best way to keep the cabbage submerged into the brine.  

    The tenth step is to cover up the crockpot with a muslin cloth so that will be able to stay clean. Most of the time, it is going to take about a day for the cabbage to ferment. The best way that you will be able to see this is that bubbles are going to start to form once the cabbage has been fermented. You will need to remove the skum all of the top of the cabbage every couple of days. The bubbles are going to stop in three or four weeks, so you will know that the sauerkraut is ready to go.