• Pizza Dough Easy Recipe

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    Pizza Dough is surprisingly easy to make and never fails to impress and delight your family and friends. To make it you need the following


    4 oz plain flour (preferably strong bread flour)

    1 tablespoonful dry yeast (unless fresh yeast is available!)

    1 tablespoonful olive oil

    1 egg (optional)

    1 pinch salt

    Basic Topping ingredients

    One small onion

    1 clove garlic

    2-3 tomatoes (tinned tomatoes are excellent)

    1 tablespoonful tomato puree

    4 oz (100 fr) Mozzarella cheese

    Oregano, basil, herbes de Provence, salt and freshly ground pepper to taste.

    Other ingredients according to taste, imagination and what may be available.


    Follow the instructions as far as using the yeast is concerned. Some brands require you to leave the yeast to prove for ten minutes before adding to the flour. Other brands require you to add the yeast to the flour before mixing. When ready, add the yeast with the other ingredients to the flour together with a small amount of water (better play it safe, as you can always add more later!) and knead vigorously for five minutes, adding more water as required, until you have a pliant, smooth ball of dough. It is then ready to roll out on a floured board into the desired shape. Most of us think of a pizza as round. There are purpose made round trays with holes at the base for extra crispness, but it’s perfectly acceptable to roll out your dough in a rectangular form if you don’t happen to have a round baking tray, or even turn over the dough with what would otherwise be your topping ingredents and an egg into a pasty shape to make an individual serving. In fact, as you become more adventurous, you may experiment with the various shapes – a heart shape for St Valentine’s day, initial letters of names, flower shapes.

    The standard topping is tomato sauce, made by frying an onion with a clove of garlic until soft and then adding tomatoes, tomato puree, with oregano, basil or herbes de Provence and salt and freshly ground pepper to taste. Spread this sauce thinly on top of the dough, avoiding any bald areas, but also avoiding excessive generosity, which can make the pizza difficult to handle when it comes to serving up. To this basic topping you can add any of a vast range of possible toppings: chopped mushrooms, chopped artichoke hearts, chopped peppers, pine nuts, salami, ham… Complete with pieces of mozzarella over the top, drizzle a little olive oil on the sides of the dough, and bake in a pre-heated oven (450 degrees) for about twenty minutes until the dough is crisp and the mozzarella is slightly brown. Your pizza is then ready to serve.