• The 610000 Cup of Coffee

    Date: 2016.03.19 | Category: Blog | Tags:

    Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Computers, seems to be a person whom people like to meet, or at least with whom to have a cup of coffee.

    At a recent auction to benefit The RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights, someone anonymously $610,000 minutes before the close of an auction. The item up for bid was a conversation with Cook over a cup of coffee. The auction was run on CharityBuzz, a website, since April 24. It was advertised as “the unique opportunity to have coffee with Apple CEO Tim Cook,” according to Independent. The auction began at $6,000.  This auction item was valued at $50,000.

    The RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights is an international non-profit organization set up as a memorial to Robert Kennedy by his family members and his friends.

    Several companies, which are business partners of Apples, placed 86 bids on this item.

    The transaction with Cook will occur at the Cupertino, the California base of Apple. Included in the package is the admission of one additional person. Any additional expenses, such as lodging or transportation are not included. The winner, and guest, will sign a non-disclosure agreement and may have to take part in a security screening before the 30 to 60-minute meeting. They also will not be allowed to blog or tweet while the coffee meeting is taking place. The coffee date’s must be finalized within one year of the close of the auction.

    In August, 2011, Cook was named as Apple’s Chief Executive Officer after the death of Steve Jobs, of respiratory arrest. In 2012, “Time” named Cook the runner-up of their Person of the Year. He was also placed at the top of the “Vanity Fair” New Establishment List. Leading up to this Cook held the title of Apple’s chief operating officer. In this role, he was in charge of all of Apple’s sales and operations throughout the world. In addition, he had been the head of the Macintosh division of Apple.

    CharityBuzz required financial documents on anyone making a bid of over $500,000. According to Public Radio, as the bids went over $600,000, they found that “if all of Cook’s time were to be valued at the same rate, he would earn more than $1.25 billion in a year.”

    This auction compared to one for a lunch with Warren Buffet, last year, which had a winning bid of about $3,500,000.