• What you Didn’t know about Bananas

    Date: 2016.03.18 | Category: Blog | Tags:

    We’re all familiar with the banana. It’s tasty, filling, full of goodness and great for a comedy sketch. But did you know that the banana is actually a herb? In fact there is a lot about bananas that you probably don’t know so let’s peel off the skin and see what they’re all about.

    Bananas plants are the largest of the herbaceous plants and actually have a lot more uses than simply providing us with delicious fruit. In South East Asia the male hearts of the plants are used as a vegetable and the flower of the plant is also eaten. The sap of the banana plant is very sticky and makes a good adhesive. In some parts of the world there is also such a thing as banana paper. As for the leaves, they can be used as umbrellas, or to wrap food in for cooking or storage. So it’s possible to get a lot more out of a banana plant than just a banana.

    Even the fruit itself is extremely versatile and even comes in different colours. We all know about yellow bananas, but they can also be purple or red. In its original form the bananas was full of seeds, but over time they have been cultivated into the form we are familiar with today.

    The flavour and the texture of the fruit are affected by the temperature at which they ripen. For this reason they are often transported to their final destination in an unripe state and then ripened in a controlled environment before they are placed on the shelves.

    The way bananas are used and prepared can also vary greatly. Cooking bananas, which are bananas that are not yet ripe, are used in a very similar way to potatoes in some parts of the world. They are fried, boiled, backed or chipped and the taste and texture is very similar to potatoes. Some cultures eat both the skin and the inside of the banana, and though we are most used to eating the banana raw there are many different recipes that involve cooking the banana.

    However the banana is eaten it is extremely good for you and a valuable source of vitamins A, B and C as well as having a high potassium content. It is also known for its range of medicinal properties and can help to combat such problems as depression, blood pressure and hangovers. They can even help to boost brain power and are particularly good for expectant mothers as they can help with morning sickness, heartburn and in regulating body temperature.

    So next time you fancy a banana, why not experiment with an alternative recipe, and make the most of the real diversity of this wonderful food.